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The Tree of Life symbol has great spiritual meaning for many people and religion The Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many spiritual traditions.

Complete description of the Virginia Creeper (Quinquefolia) including plant information, identification information on uses and more. Learn all about the Virginia

Victor Mature was a film actor who became a sex symbol in the 1940s with hordes of adoring female fans. In the 1940s, Victor Mature appeared in several different

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Melia azedarach Chinaberry tree. Synonym(s): Melia azedarach var. umbraculifera Family: Meliaceae (Mahogany Family) Duration and Habit: Perennial Tree

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underworld. – Poseidon says in Homer’s Iliad (xv) The symbol of the 3 forked Trident had originated in ancient Greek mythology where it was first applied as the

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Virility (from the Latin virilitas, manhood or virility, derived from Latin vir, man) refers to any of a wide range of masculine characteristics viewed positively.

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There are many connections between the pentagram and Christianity. Before the cross, it was a preferred emblem to adorn the jewelry and amulets of early Christians

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