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What the heck is the thick phlegm hanging out in your throat anyway? See how it affects your health, and the right way to hock a loogie—from a doctor!

Bathe your throat with the soothing herbal essence of Throat Discs ® Lozenges. They melt in your mouth providing relief from throat irritation, dry mouth, phlegm

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Mar 20, 2016 · Clear phlegm or mucus from your throat by coughing. If an excess of mucus has made its home in your throat, it’s okay to evict it by coughing it up.

May 16, 2016 · How to Clear Your Throat. Singers, speakers, actors, and anybody who uses his or her voice as a tool knows the importance of throat clearing. This helps

Oct 02, 2014 · Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Phlegm In Throat Phlegm can be quite unbearable and embarrassing when stuck in your throat. There

Hi, For the past few years I have had had excess mucus and phlegm in the back of my throat. I can feel it there, and I can hack it up and usually get a thick, clear

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What Is Phlegm? Phlegm (pronounced flem; from Greek phlegma = inflammation) is an informal name for mucus coughed up from the throat. In this article, a term phlegm

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Jun 03, 2015 · HOW TO GET RID OF PHLEGM(MUCUS) IN THROAT? LEARN home remedies for quick mucus removal from throat. Home remedies are great to help remove the mucus from

Native Remedies Mucus-Clear for mucus & phlegm congestion. Clear mucus naturally with homeopathic congestion medicine, Mucus-Clear.

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Phlegm in the throat can be a symptom of various medical conditions, like allergies, common cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. Find out more about its causes and a few

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